Spicy Chow Mein Sauce 炒面酱

In Chinese, 炒面酱 means “fried noodle sauce,” pronounced Chǎomiàn jiàng. Like it’s Japanese adaptation Yakisoba Sauce, it’s a sauce used to fry noodles with. These sauces have so many variations around the world it’s hard to keep track, each one heavily modified to fit the taste preference of the local dominant population. In American ChineseContinue reading “Spicy Chow Mein Sauce 炒面酱”

Easy Yakisoba Sauce 焼きそばソース

Yakisoba Sauce is a sauce used to coat fried noodles. Yaki 焼き meaning grilled, and Soba そば being a thin Japanese buckwheat noodle. Together Yakisoba 焼きそば means fried noodles. What I’m making here is an easy, five ingredient version of the sauce that would typically be used in Americanized restaurants. It will simulate the flavorContinue reading “Easy Yakisoba Sauce 焼きそばソース”