Margarita Grande | Top Shelf Margarita | Cinco De Mayo | Traver Recipes

The Margarita Grande, a top shelf margarita recipe. Ingredients and Directions below! Music: Let’s start with the liquor. In the restaurant industry there are typically three categories of liquors: house, call, and top shelf. House liquors, also known as “well liquors” because they’re kept in the bartender’s liquor well or speed rail, are theContinue reading “Margarita Grande | Top Shelf Margarita | Cinco De Mayo | Traver Recipes”

The Paloma | Cinco De Mayo Drink Recipe | Traver Recipes

If blondes are fun but brunettes are dirty… I think that’s how it goes… Then say hello to the Margarita’s very bad friend that she doesn’t want you hanging out with, the Paloma. Music: This adult beverage is bitter, salty, and yet refreshing. It’s also not as complicated as you’d think. I think… InContinue reading “The Paloma | Cinco De Mayo Drink Recipe | Traver Recipes”

Margherita Pizzadilla

Delicious light lunch, done in 10 minutes from start-to-finish. Details below! I love the idea of a pizzadilla. And no, I’m not talking about that monstrosity that is floating around YouTube as some massive, heavy, breaded and fried chicken quesadilla that is then placed inside a baking dish, topped with pizza ingredients, baked, then servedContinue reading “Margherita Pizzadilla”