Two Way Southern Dawgs | Hot Dogs | 4th of July

Grilling hot dogs for the fourth of July? I’ve got two classic southern style set ups for you right here! The “Carolina-style” and the “Super Southern” style dogs. Details below, and happy fourth everyone! Music: Don’t forget to check my recipe for homemade southern slaw… Old School NC Southern Slaw For these two recipesContinue reading “Two Way Southern Dawgs | Hot Dogs | 4th of July”

Nashville Hot Chicken Sliders

Fried chicken and hot sauce go together like pizza and ranch (don’t knock it until you try it), and in Nashville Tennessee the famed “Hot Chicken” will make you break into a full on sweat. You’re gonna love this! Music: Background: Hot Chicken is an African-American invention which has been shared and passed downContinue reading “Nashville Hot Chicken Sliders”