Pastrami Grilled Reuben

Episode 4 of “What’s For Lunch” is the Top Round Pastrami Grilled Reuben! Grilled to perfection in a cast iron skillet, get you some! Ingredients, Nutrition Facts, and Directions below. Music: The Reuben is a kosher-style delicatessen sandwich, and I say “kosher-style” because it may not be considered kosher by some according to JewishContinue reading “Pastrami Grilled Reuben”

My BEST Tuna Melt

It’s a bit 90’s, but I’m bringing it back. Episode 3 of “What’s For Lunch” is my VERY BEST Tuna Melt! Music: This is what happens when you turn tuna casserole into a crispy, golden, grilled cheese! Now I like to keep my lunch recipes as fast and as simple as possible, so thisContinue reading “My BEST Tuna Melt”