Bacon Jalapeno Boats | Jalapeño Poppers | Traver Recipes

One of my favorite party appetizers! I made these four times before I got the filling ratios just right, confirmed by half a dozen taste testers. Sure to please any party! Ingredients, Nutrition Facts, and Description is below. Music: The idea of the Jalapeno Popper has always been a success. Jalapeños are a lotContinue reading “Bacon Jalapeno Boats | Jalapeño Poppers | Traver Recipes”

Bacon Jalapeno Relish Deviled Eggs

My personal deviled eggs recipe. A rich center topped with a well balanced meat-candy garnish. Ingredients, Nutrition Facts, and Directions below! Music: Deviled eggs date back to the Roman Empire, where they were served as a first course or as the French would call it, “hors d’oeuvre” or the beginning of a meal. They’veContinue reading “Bacon Jalapeno Relish Deviled Eggs”

Traditional Quiche Lorraine

This is a European style Quiche Lorraine recipe. Which means lots of cheese, pork lardons, and a custard like consistency. I made this recipe easy so anyone can make it! Hailing from the Lorraine region of north eastern France, this world renowned quiche traditionally uses cheeses from Switzerland. You can use a popular combination ofContinue reading “Traditional Quiche Lorraine”