Bacon Jalapeno Boats | Jalapeño Poppers | Traver Recipes

One of my favorite party appetizers! I made these four times before I got the filling ratios just right, confirmed by half a dozen taste testers. Sure to please any party! Ingredients, Nutrition Facts, and Description is below. Music: The idea of the Jalapeno Popper has always been a success. Jalapeños are a lotContinue reading “Bacon Jalapeno Boats | Jalapeño Poppers | Traver Recipes”

Restaurant Style Guacamole | Cinco De Mayo

Classic restaurant style guacamole! Ingredients, Nutrition Facts, and Description below. Music: Guacamole, meaning “avocado sauce” in Classical Nahuatl commonly Uto-Aztecan is a creamy sauce made from avocados. The dish is often used as a dip but it can also be made as a spread. Like most fruits, an avocado consists of seeds and aContinue reading “Restaurant Style Guacamole | Cinco De Mayo”

Easy Restaurant Pico De Gallo | Cinco De Mayo Recipes

This simple and easy to make restaurant style Pico de Gallo is perfect for all get togethers! It’s light and healthy, and no cooking is required just chopping veggies and mixing it together. Ingredients, Nutrition Facts, and Description are below. Music: No matter if you’re celebrating Cinco De Mayo, having guests over, or enjoyingContinue reading “Easy Restaurant Pico De Gallo | Cinco De Mayo Recipes”

Party Taco Dip | Cinco De Mayo Recipes

This is a classic cream cheese, no-meat taco dip the way taco dips are supposed to be made. The only problem you’ll have is that it won’t last long. Ingredients, Nutrition Facts, and Description are below. Music: It’s the week before Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday which is also widely celebrated in theContinue reading “Party Taco Dip | Cinco De Mayo Recipes”

Ooey Gooey Pepper Jack Poppers

Fried cheese? Count me in! This one is pretty straight forward we’re going to fry some cheese! You don’t need much to do that either it’s really simple science and using your head. If you fry cheese by itself it just melts, spreads out in the oil, then starts to burn. To keep it ooeyContinue reading “Ooey Gooey Pepper Jack Poppers”

Easy CrockPot Party Meatballs

The classic slow cooker meatball recipe, grape jelly and Heinz chili sauce! This recipe is easy to make and should be one that you’re familiar with, so let’s get to it! I’ll say this every time with party apps, keep it simple and familiar. If you’ve ever held a get together at your house thenContinue reading “Easy CrockPot Party Meatballs”