Carolina Burger

The short and sweet behind this recipe, Carolina style burgers or hot dogs include four main toppings; chili, slaw, diced onion, and yellow mustard. As for the chili, Carolina-style chili is a chili sauce as opposed to the thick and hearty versions you’ll find out west. That means no beans, no corn, no chunky tomatoes,Continue reading “Carolina Burger”

Carolina Dogs Two Ways

I brought you two ways to top a dog. One is the traditional Carolina style which includes; chili, slaw, diced onion, and yellow mustard. The other is topped with pimento cheese and relish. And while pimento cheese may originate from up north, southerners have perfected it and it’s no secret that pimento cheese has becomeContinue reading “Carolina Dogs Two Ways”

Nashville Hot Chicken Sliders

Instead of serving Nashville Hot Chicken over slices of white bread and pickles, I’ll simply turn it into sliders. Mayo is optional! You’ll need to make sure you soak your chicken in a buttermilk and pickle juice bath for no less than 2 hours, optimal between 12-24 hours, and no more. You’ll also need toContinue reading “Nashville Hot Chicken Sliders”

Toronto Banquet Burger

Francis Deck invented this burger in the 1940’s. Originally called the “Forest Hill Burger,” named after an upscale area of Toronto where he served it. If you’re from anywhere around the Great Lakes you’ve probably been served a cheeseburger this way at some point. It’s not the actual ingredients that make this burger, it’s theContinue reading “Toronto Banquet Burger”