Easy Lemon Garlic Herb Aioli

Upgrade your mayo game with my easy-to-make lemon garlic and herb aioli! It’s goes so great with burgers, especially turkey burgers and chicken burgers! The recipes of which I have also left in the description for you! Music: http://bensound.com Aioli is mayonnaise that has been seasoned with garlic, therefore you do not need to makeContinue reading “Easy Lemon Garlic Herb Aioli”

Easy Enchilada Sauce | Cinco De Mayo Recipes

My personal recipe for enchilada sauce! This sauce can easily be made while your chicken bakes in the oven. Ingredients and Directions below! Music: http://bensound.com Enchilada sauce is a savory sauce poured over corn tortilla rollups (or flour tortilla rollups, it’s 2021 don’t judge). Mine has a tomato sauce base (Hunts Tomato Sauce) and usesContinue reading “Easy Enchilada Sauce | Cinco De Mayo Recipes”

Easy Restaurant Tonkatsu Sauce とんかつソース

This sauce is built for restaurant speed and cost efficiency while capturing the East Asia Pacific Island culinary taste of Japan. Designed specifically for Ton Katsu とんかつ, a fried pork cutlet. Easy to make in minutes, but only a little sauce adds a wonderful flavor to the Japanese Tonkatsu dish. I used this sauce inContinue reading “Easy Restaurant Tonkatsu Sauce とんかつソース”

Chow Mein Sauce 炒面酱

In Chines 炒面酱 means “fried noodle sauce,” pronounced Chǎomiàn jiàng. Like it’s Japanese adaptation Yakisoba Sauce, it’s a sauce used to fry noodles with. These sauces have so many variations around the world it’s hard to keep track, each one heavily modified to fit the taste preference of the local dominant population. In American ChineseContinue reading “Chow Mein Sauce 炒面酱”

Yakisoba Sauce 焼きそばソース

Yakisoba Sauce is a sauce used to coat fried noodles. Yaki 焼き meaning grilled, and Soba そば being a thin Japanese buckwheat noodle. Together Yakisoba 焼きそば means fried noodles. The sauce has a rich, sweet and tangy flavor with a dark color similar to oyster sauce only not as thick. It does however thicken theContinue reading “Yakisoba Sauce 焼きそばソース”

Easy Taco Seasoning

Easy, scratch made Taco Seasoning! Or, condimento para tacos if you will. I found that this seasoning works best with chicken, but it also is great for pork and seafood. Specs below: This is an easy restaurant style taco seasoning, meaning it’s really not meant to be fancy pants. And at the same time thisContinue reading “Easy Taco Seasoning”