Carolina Burger

The short and sweet behind this recipe, Carolina style burgers or hot dogs include four main toppings; chili, slaw, diced onion, and yellow mustard.

As for the chili, Carolina-style chili is a chili sauce as opposed to the thick and hearty versions you’ll find out west. That means no beans, no corn, no chunky tomatoes, and so forth. Which is why it’s great for spreading over burgers and hot dogs.

I used Ruth’s Chili and Cole Slaw for this video. Ruth’s of Gastonia, North Carolina has been serving the Carolinas deli sides and salads since 1953.

As a born and raised Carolinian, I have my own recipes for Carolina chili and slaw. I’ve included those recipe videos below as an extra bonus. Enjoy! The rest of the recipe can be found below.


  • 4 Ounces (quarter pound) 80/20 Ground Beef.
  • 2 Ounces Chili. 2 Ounces Slaw.
  • 1 Ounce Diced Red Onion.
  • 1 Ounce Yellow Mustard.
  • 1 Hamburger Bun, or in my case a Cheese Roll from Ingles.


  1. Grill a quarter pound burger patty (or cook in cast iron skillet) to preferred temperature.
  2. While burger is cooking, bring a small pot of chili to a low simmer and dice Red Onion.
  3. Once burger patty is cooked to preferred temperature, place patty over bottom half of a bun or burger roll (in my case I used a cheese roll from Ingles Markets) and top it with a drizzle of Yellow Mustard, some Diced Red Onion, heated Chili, and Coleslaw.
  4. Bring on the napkins and enjoy!


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