Old School NC Southern Slaw

Before shredded was cool, southern coleslaw recipes hand written on index cards were in every home. One of my favorite summer sides and the only way to top off BBQ sandwiches! Details below…

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Two things make this throwback a blast from the past for any weekend get together or BBQ. One, is the signature eastern North Carolina BBQ sauce ingredients; mustard and apple cider vinegar.

And two, this slaw is chopped not shredded. That’s right just like we used to get at fish camps, drive-ins, mom and pops restaurants… Or like grandma used to make. Nobody had to try to be rustic back then, hipster wasn’t even invented yet.

This slaw is the perfect compliment to pulled pork or pulled chicken BBQ sandwiches and I highly recommend you give it a try! And I know people can get really picky about their coleslaw, my momma sure is… There’s certain fish camps she won’t order from simply because she says their slaw sucks.

When Harris Teeter stopped using Duke’s Mayonnaise to make their coleslaw people were outraged. So I get it, we are incredibly critical over a side dish that’s fairly simple.

So let me know what you think, if there’s anything you would change please share that with everyone in the comments section! Ingredients, Nutrition Facts, and Directions below:

Ingredients: (Makes 4 Servings, 4 Ounces Each)

  • 2 Cups Chopped Cabbage.
  • 1/4 Cup Mayo.
  • 1/4 Cup Sour Cream.
  • 1 tsp Yellow Mustard.
  • 1 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • 1/2 TBSP Granulated Sugar.
  • 1/2 tsp Table Salt.
  • 1/2 tsp Black Pepper.
  • 1/3 Cup Chopped Red Onion.
  • 1/3 Cup Chopped Carrot.
  • Fresh Lemon Juice from Half a Lemon.

Nutrition Facts: (Per 1 Serving)

  • Calories: 104
  • Total Fat: 8g
  • – Saturated: 3g
  • – Trans: 0g
  • – Poly: 1.5g
  • – Mono: 2.5g
  • Cholesterol: 5mg
  • Sodium: 330mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 8g
  • Dietary Fiber: 2g
  • Sugar: 5g
  • Protein: 1g
  • Vitamin D: 0%
  • Calcium: 10%
  • Iron: 0.5%
  • Potassium: 150mg
  • Vitamin A: 16%
  • Vitamin C: 12%


  1. In a medium to large size mixing bowl add all ingredients.
  2. Using a silicone baking spatula, spoon, or your hands, mix all ingredients together until fully combined.
  3. Transfer to storage container or serve immediately. Contents can be refrigerated for six days at 41° Fahrenheit.

This recipe serves 4 guests as a side (4 ounces each), OR eight BBQ sandwiches as a garnish (2 ounces each). Adjust ingredient amounts to match guests served.

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